His Cross To Bear

He kicked the misfortunes from their notes
with the sun over head 
dreams of a blue sky band 
wasting time and words
on a liquor friendship.
Hippies married to alcohol
drinking music on a sober stage
waiting for this to pass
written communication
enlightened religion
anchored by a piano.


No longer hiding 

in a disciplined corner.

I hoop my core,

grip my circle,

roll into dance.

An optimistic challenge,

a courage to release,

a play with spiraling energy.

Connection with resolutions.

Communication with peace.

The Trees are Broken

The trees are broken, splintered and torn
Raw and naked like when we were born
Up against a dark bright sky
Forever asking and wondering why
Why are we cold?
Why are we old?
When will the light unfold?
Standing in Sandy’s wake
The children are now at stake
The little seeds won’t bend and break
Only later when its too late
Sandy had another Hook
Down at the school by the brook
Ravaged her way down the halls and took
The lives of children reading books
Do we run or do we stay
What will make the pain go away
Of lost children who never will play
Again in the sand
We must make this demand
Stretch out your hand
To the one who needs compassion
A simple task the only action
The smallest gesture the best traction
In a world that has gotten so big that we are small
It is us who is left holding the ball.

Improve Upon The Species

Your job is to improve upon the species

he said

That’s what we are doing here

You take the next generation and you want them to evolve.

Always and forever until the end of time.

Take him. You. and me.

Into eternity.

That’s all we are doing here.

No more. No less.