IMG_7729I am a truth seeker.  I am the mother of two teenage boys and one pre-adolescent little girl.  I love hoopdancing, yoga, photography, hiking, jazz, nature, and rock and roll – especially if it’s live.

I wanted to write a blog that would help me put a voice behind my thoughts and reflections about where I am, right here and now.  I’ve tried many things to give rise to this voice.  I’ve been a loyal wife, a good mother, an honest friend, a volunteer, a photographer, a music lover, a wine taster, a hiker, a vegetarian, a yogini and a joyful dancer.  I still am all those things.

I like to try new things to help me connect with my voice.  Recently, I tried an adult jazz dance class.  At the end of the class, I was talking to my new teacher and she says “excuse me, I’m just going to change into my jeans here” and she strips off her dance pants in front of me!  I tried to make light of the awkward moment by saying, “I guess you’re a dancer; you’re used to changing anywhere.”  She promptly said, that’s right, “always naked in the wings.”  I love that.  I realized that we are all always changing anywhere, always naked in the wings.  Waiting.  In the wings.  Naked.  Vulnerable.  Waiting to go out there and show ourselves, let our voices be heard.  

That’s what I’m doing here.  Waiting.  Naked In the wings.  To dance my dance.  To put a voice behind my thoughts.  Please comment so I can hear your voice.  I promise to write back.  Know this: I’m leaving my dancing pants on.


8 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you Wylie! Be sure to check out my post called Observation 1. I wrote about my first observation at Mindful Turtle. I figured I would blog about it instead of hand write it in my journal. Now I have to figure out how to print out a post so I can turn it in. Or maybe I can direct Danielle/Beryl to my blog? But thanks for reading/responding!!

  1. I loved this! It is such a good idea to put thoughts into written words. . .I write often but haven’t put anything ‘out there’! Thank you!!!

    • Thank you Janet! I have always loved to write but as the years went by with children, my journal got further and further away from me. I decided to use a blog as my journal since I can type faster than I can write (I think). Hitting the “publish” button was a whole other story but as I get older I am looking for new ways to challenge myself. Putting my words out there was one of them.

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