Improve Upon The Species

Your job is to improve upon the species

he said

That’s what we are doing here

You take the next generation and you want them to evolve.

Always and forever until the end of time.

Take him. You. and me.

Into eternity.

That’s all we are doing here.

No more. No less.


3 thoughts on “Improve Upon The Species

    • Thank you for checking out my blog Desiree. Blogging is a whole new journey for me in 2013. Through it, I am exploring the art of bringing my impeccable word. “Word” is my word of 2013. I have so many thoughts in my head that I want to turn into word. Words on paper, words on a screen, even the invisible words that come through photos. Words connect us, heal us, entertain us, educate us.

      • Our words & actions are a reflection of our character. Your 2 words have really made me dissect all my words. I love that your word for 2013 is “word.” Ironically, mine is “intentional”…Which shines an even brighter light onto not only my actions, but what I say as well. So good!

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